Howard County 4-H Livestock Sale
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The Howard County 4-H Livestock Sale Committee is a nonprofit extension of the University of Maryland Howard County 4-H Program. The Committee has been coordinating and conducting the sale of high-quality animals at the Howard County Fair since 1963. Our goal is to help youth promote their market ready livestock projects that they raised and exhibited at the Howard County Fair. Our Committee Members strive to ensure buyers, donors, and 4-Hers have the best experience possible with us and we appreciate your continued support of youth in our community.

Committee Members

Chairperson: Chuck Coles

Vice Chairperson: Beth Langvardt

Secretary: Carla Robinson

Treasurer: Sean Hough

Lauren Bresnock

Dallas Briggs

Joel Evans

George Halterman

Jack Hartner

Jason Hartner

Louise Keller

Stanley Miller

Milleanne Mullinix

Michelle Hodiak Schafer

Rachel Troppman

Youth Representatives: Hailey Evans and Chelsea Riley

Howard County 4-H Livestock Sale Logo

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