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You will be able to find 4-H’er specific livestock project sale information such as processor dates, buyer thank you note addresses, donor thank you note, if your thank you notes are complete (Y/N), upcoming events and deadlines on our calendar, and extra Resources.

If you cannot locate what you are looking for please contact us via the Contact Us button on the bottom of the page or email us.

All exhibitors are required to write a thank you note to all supporters of the sale; including both buyers and donors. Thank you notes are required to be proofed before distributing and must include a handwritten thank you note, addressed unsealed envelope, and stamp. NO THANK YOU NOTES WILL BE ACCEPTED ELECTRONICALLY THIS YEAR!

For examples and thank you note guideline

Lookup who to write your Thank You Note. List of where YOU have to deliver your animal

Timeline for 2023 Fair - Fairbook Page

Howard County 4-H Livestock Sale Logo

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